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QNX Most people haven't heard of QNX Software, though they've likely come in contact with it. The real-time operating system is used where software failure can lead to catastrophic consequences, even death - from high-speed trains to air traffic control towers to highway toll systems. It's also used in more than 100 different types of cars on the road.
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>why does the article hammer on Microsoft?

Because MS deserve to be hammered?

Come on, MS is making *billions* of dollars, yet there not even capable of producing good and secure software.

Most companies cannot afford to make good and secure software as it's very costly, but MS could if they want: they have enough money for it, but they don't do it as they don't need to: a copy of their OS is sold for each PC sold whatever the quality of the OS..

And the customers suffer from Microsoft greed, so yes they deserve to be hammered.

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I would say that Vista contradicts this but your point was largely relevant in the past. See: Windows 95 & ME.

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Okay... that's all fine and good. Trash the greedy corporation. I get it.

But Microsoft is still not competing in the Real Time OS sector, as QNX is not competing in the server/desktop OS sector. It is not a valid comparison no matter how much you hate or love Microsoft.

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