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Opera Software Hakon Wium Lie must feel a special kinship with the "Band of Brothers" soliloquy that Shakespeare reserves for Henry V. "We few we, happy few, we band of brothers..." the king proclaims before his men head into battle. With all of Microsoft's riches and power behind it, Internet Explorer has dominated the Web browser market since Netscape's defeat in the late 1990s. But as CTO of Opera Software, Wium Lie's job is to figure out how to incorporate the best technology possible in his company's software - and in this he's stolen a beat on Opera's much bigger rival.
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Slow on Linux, but still the best.
by hagiz on Tue 10th Oct 2006 19:55 UTC
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Opera is dead slow when compared to FF on my old 800mhz 256mb ram laptop running xubuntu, but for me it's better being slow than being annoying to use.

Firefox drives me nuts by not having all the functions Opera has, still after fixing most of it with extensions it's not the same.

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