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PC-BSD "iXsystems, an enterprise-class hardware solution provider, announced today its acquisition of PC-BSD, a rock solid UNIX operating system based on FreeBSD. PC-BSD is a fully functional desktop operating system running FreeBSD version 6, with a KDE desktop interface and graphical system installer. Its PBI system, developed exclusively for PC-BSD, lets users download and install their applications in a self-extracting and installing format. iXsystems' acquisition of PC-BSD will provide funding to the PC-BSD project to increase distribution of PC-BSD and develop future versions of PC-BSD. Development is currently underway for a version of PC-BSD that will allow for easy installation and operation on servers, workstations, and laptops."
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RE[2]: PBI just isn't right
by Almindor on Tue 10th Oct 2006 20:15 UTC in reply to "RE: PBI just isn't right"
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That! It means that eg: if you put an RAD IDE into a PBI and that IDE uses a compiler to make visual (let's say gtk) programs which require gtk libs and few others, the resulting programs won't link, because those lib are only in the local program lib dir visible only to your program.

Even if you instruct the linker to look at that lib dir your resulting app won't start because it doesn't know that lib dir. You can ofcourse then tweak the ld configs to make that lib dir visible.. but then again.. is this userfriendly??

There are many other problem implications, usage of RAM is just one of them.

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RE[3]: PBI just isn't right
by BluenoseJake on Wed 11th Oct 2006 14:51 in reply to "RE[2]: PBI just isn't right"
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I'm sure that the devs thought of that and worked around it, do you have any proof of your allegations?

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RE[4]: PBI just isn't right
by Almindor on Wed 11th Oct 2006 17:42 in reply to "RE[2]: PBI just isn't right"
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No they haven't. Look at the Lazarus PBI package (somewhat older now) of which I am the author (just.. BTW?)

It needs GTK1(and all that needs). Gtk1 isn't installed on PCBSD by default. Ok, so the local Lazarus lib dir got g gtk1 libs in it no prob right?

Lazarus is a RAD IDE using a compiler to produce visual applications (think Delphi style). Once you run it it works, but it won't link the apps. Only if you play around with some settings of ld. Ofcourse even then your app won't start afterwards because it needs those gtk1 libs to work.

I asked on the forums etc. and the general consensus was that there is no general consensus on this problem. It was simply ignored by the PCBSD team and is ignored till this day, atleast to my knowlidge.

I stopped using PCBSD because of this and KDE (I prefer gnome). Don't take it as a rant, I like freeBSD and PCBSD did alot of things right, but this one is simply and plainly WRONG.

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