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Internet Explorer Microsoft has confirmed that IE7 will be released as an optional download later this month. The long-awaited next version of Microsoft's browser software will be pushed out as an automatic update a "few weeks" later, probably as part of Microsoft's regular Patch Tuesday update cycle in either November or December. Firms not ready to install IE7 will be able to temporarily block the update.
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Great for Firefox
by thebluesgnr on Wed 11th Oct 2006 00:38 UTC
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1) Site stopped working with IE7? Try Firefox.

2) Site is IE6-only? People can't use it anymore, unless the designer get off their butts and do some real code.

Nice going, Microsoft.

And before people mention it, I don't think major upgrades like this should go into a stable product. That's like Debian, for example, that still maintains Firefox 1.0. Unlike SUSE and Red Hat though, which upgraded their customers from Firefox 1.0 to 1.5, possibly breaking several things. Oh well.

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RE: Great for Firefox
by ThawkTH on Wed 11th Oct 2006 03:01 in reply to "Great for Firefox"
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Did 1.5 break anything?

AFAIK, it didn't really change a whole lot rendering-wise - though I can respect the stability that Debian has to offer, on must inevitable MOVE ON at some point.

I'll be the first to say, however, that MS has yet to learn HOW to do this reasonably.

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RE[2]: Great for Firefox
by sorpigal on Wed 11th Oct 2006 21:36 in reply to "RE: Great for Firefox"
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1.5 broke a lot of extensions. It's not cool to do an 'update my software' and have it accidentally downgrade my browser functionality.

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