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Internet Explorer Microsoft has confirmed that IE7 will be released as an optional download later this month. The long-awaited next version of Microsoft's browser software will be pushed out as an automatic update a "few weeks" later, probably as part of Microsoft's regular Patch Tuesday update cycle in either November or December. Firms not ready to install IE7 will be able to temporarily block the update.
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RE[3]: A lot of MS news lately?
by hal2k1 on Wed 11th Oct 2006 06:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: A lot of MS news lately?"
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//Fact is that IE7 is coming, and it has been submitted to OSN and has been posted. And that's all very fine.//

It is indeed fine that IE7 is coming, and it just has to be an improvement over IE6.

"SVG is not part of the plan for IE7."

It is just such a pity IE7 is so very far behind in web standards support, though, isn't it?

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dylansmrjones Member since:

Well, one can always wonder about the decision.
But with a bit of luck, a plug-in will be available.

It doesn't have to come from Microsoft. My Xvid codec is open source, so we don't need Microsoft to deliver everything (if anything at all).

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