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Apple Linus Torvalds has picked up one of Apple's new Intel-based Mac minis to play with, but the Linux creator still prefers Apple's old PowerPC architecture for his primary desktop machine. "I'm actually still running a G5, but I also have a Mac mini," Torvalds revealed today in an e-mail to ZDNet Australia. "I like the design, and it's the right form-factor to be a replacement machine for my wife and daughter, but sadly, Apple screwed up the firmware in various stupid ways."
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EFI bugs?
by alwayscrashing on Wed 11th Oct 2006 15:25 UTC
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Never heard of anyone having problems with EFI myself...

It works for Mac OS X and thats pretty much all you should expect from a Mac, anything else should be considered a bonus. They aren't actually selling 'PC's after all, despite the use of Intel processors.

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RE: EFI bugs?
by apoc on Wed 11th Oct 2006 15:42 in reply to "EFI bugs?"
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lol, dude, have you ever heard of osx86? Mac OSX runs nice on non-EFI motherboards, appearently it only uses it for that slave mode(wich must be a separate EFI application), and suspend. There's no extensive use of EFI(nor could be because of what it is), and neither is EFI an updated tech, there's already the UEFI thingy.

Current Macs use common hardware, and an EFI mobo wich is not required to run Mac OS X.

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RE[2]: EFI bugs?
by alwayscrashing on Wed 11th Oct 2006 16:11 in reply to "RE: EFI bugs?"
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What I said was, Macs run Mac OS X and no one is having any trouble at all with EFI for running software on a Mac. Therefore the firmware is not 'screwed up' as Linux Torvalds put it.

I never claimed it is impossible to run Mac OS X on anything but a Mac. This article is not about that at all and I have no idea why you even brought it up.

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RE: EFI bugs?
by hobgoblin on Wed 11th Oct 2006 17:31 in reply to "EFI bugs?"
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well this is linus torvalds, the person that if iirc labeled EFI the second biggest intel mistake after ACPI.

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