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Hardware, Embedded Systems Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu engineers on Tuesday promised significant performance increases with two next-generation chips, models that they hope will help keep the Sparc line relevant. Company representatives speaking at the Fall Processor Forum promised significant gains over the chips' predecessors - the first Niagara (now called UltraSparc T1) and the single-core Sparc64 V.
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How do Fujitsu's chips compare to Sun's?
by kiz01 on Wed 11th Oct 2006 17:19 UTC
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They made some nice comparisons about how the Sparc64 VI is a huge improvement over the Sparc64 V but how does it compare to the UltraSparc IV+? I work in a shop that has UltraSparc servers and I would like to know what kind of performance boost the new generation of chips will give me.

On a related note, I SO want to play with the Niagra II chips. Eight threads per core, 5x increase on floating point, 1.4x increase on integer, etc. What's not to like?

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Sparc64 leaves UltraSPARC in the dust. They are true OOO cores with both better IPC and higher clockspeed than Sun's UltraSPARC chips.

I don't know whether the system interconnect is any good, though.

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Well, the TPC benchmarks demonstrate its performance pretty good - one assumes that database benchmarks are going to be bandwidth and latency sensitive.

I'd say that Sun will be using their own interconnect, with the SPARC VI sitting ontop; its their CPU that is crap, not the processor itself.

Edit: Mind you, IIRC, Sun is a member of Hypertransport consortium, so I'm assuming that when Hypertransport surpasses Suns own technology, they're going to use it - IIRC, Hypertransport 3.0 looks *really* good on paper, that would be a great combo; SPARC IV + Hypertransport 3.0.

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