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AMD "AMD described its forthcoming quad-core processor, codenamed Barcelona, in a session at today's Microprocessor Forum. Details of the new microarchitecture on which the processor is based (codenamed K8L) have been known for some time now. Still, the event brought some new info, and here are some highlights that I've culled from some of the reporting on it."
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I know what you mean
by halfmanhalfamazing on Thu 12th Oct 2006 03:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Wow, that's pointless....."
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------------However, I'm still happy with my fanless Mendocino CPU (Celeron 500 MHz) which is crunching PCLinuxOS code now just as good as seven years ago when it was introduced to consumer PC market.-------------

My pop keeps telling me "you need multicore" "you need multicore, that 2ghz you have is garbage" which I can't say I agree. That would still leave me with the same fundamental problem. The biggest bottleneck out there is the hard drive. Not the processor.

Man, I can't wait for Samsung's flash SSD's to drop in price. All I need is 16GB for the boot drive, that's plenty big enough for SuSE.

I'm going to have this computer for a long time.............

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RE: I know what you mean
by CPUGuy on Thu 12th Oct 2006 04:23 in reply to "I know what you mean"
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Depends on what it is your are doing.

Something as trivial as burning a CD or encoding an mp3 can really suck down the CPU, being able to offload those types of operations onto another core and be able to do what you would normally do while they are running is a BIG plus.

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RE[2]: I know what you mean
by dylansmrjones on Thu 12th Oct 2006 11:00 in reply to "RE: I know what you mean"
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One can already do that today on a single 32-bit CPU running @ 1.5 GhZ. But of course an extra core would be most welcome here.

But for those few minutes it takes to burn a CD, it's not really a problem that one may have to be somewhat relaxed about the use of his/her PC.

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RE[2]: I know what you mean
by hobgoblin on Fri 13th Oct 2006 04:57 in reply to "RE: I know what you mean"
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sounds like a mini "big iron" to me. those machines have a cpu pr storage controller, so that when the user wants a file moved, copied or whatever, the main cpu can just hand the job over to whatever storage-cpu(s) it is that owns the media in question.

hell, a GPU is basicly a specialized CPU. if 3dfx and others had not started putting a specialized CPU to do 3d maths onto the graphics cards we may well had seen a extra core on the die just to handle that load.

the big issue will become syncronization, so that the diffrent cores get what they need when they need it.

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