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SkyOS SkyOS has gotten DMA support. "There's support for VIA, AMD, Intel and SiS chipsets, more will come. What does it mean? Less CPU usage and a huge speed increase for the supported PATA/SATA controllers, just check the changelog for initial benchmarks." It is available as an update for beta testers, which besides the DMA update, also includes updated drivers.
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Hmmmm...How fast can YOU write a driver for any of SiS, Intel, Via or some other chipset that supports everything, including DMA? 1 day? Somehow I *very* much doubt that!

Implementing DMA isn't that easy as you think it is. The basic idea behind it can be explained easily, but it is completely different thing to actually implement it. Oh, and expect no 1-day software to support everything, and even less be bug-free! I rather wait months for a good driver rather than have experimental support for something, and then lose everything due to filesystem corruption.......

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