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SkyOS SkyOS has gotten DMA support. "There's support for VIA, AMD, Intel and SiS chipsets, more will come. What does it mean? Less CPU usage and a huge speed increase for the supported PATA/SATA controllers, just check the changelog for initial benchmarks." It is available as an update for beta testers, which besides the DMA update, also includes updated drivers.
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> Have you ever USED SkyOS? It ran plenty fast even with
> PIO.

I have, I paid for it and... well, it was pretty damn slow. Installation took over one hour here, and opening just about any programs used to take a very long time.

Also - albeit unrelated - the gui was pretty slow as well, and the mouse a bit jerky.

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huh, thats kinda weird. Ran pretty fast on my machine. I haven't tried the latest builds though.

anyways, DMA is a welcome addition no matter what ;)

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