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AMD "AMD described its forthcoming quad-core processor, codenamed Barcelona, in a session at today's Microprocessor Forum. Details of the new microarchitecture on which the processor is based (codenamed K8L) have been known for some time now. Still, the event brought some new info, and here are some highlights that I've culled from some of the reporting on it."
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RandomGuy: I know about the complexity of go. I am really a lousy go player, but even I can beat go programs when I concentrate. A friend of mine is a very good go player (dan).

A few years ago we tried writing our own go program. As you mentioned, using brute force is quite hopeless. So we tried having a very low search depth and a very advanced position evaluation.

We got it to play good strategically (e.g. making decent opening moves without an opening library, good liveness estimation). But we could never get it to play good combinations.

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