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SkyOS SkyOS has gotten DMA support. "There's support for VIA, AMD, Intel and SiS chipsets, more will come. What does it mean? Less CPU usage and a huge speed increase for the supported PATA/SATA controllers, just check the changelog for initial benchmarks." It is available as an update for beta testers, which besides the DMA update, also includes updated drivers.
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Back in undergrad EE hardware labs I recall we did do something with DMA, maybe wrote some code for a 6802 and peripheral (maybe a pdp8), but then again it was pretty much all a replay of material put in front of us and of course the tutor was in the lab with any answers.

Since then I've done hardware ASICs with DMA support and the software guys still had a hard time of it even with us helping as much as possible. Its not just a matter of knowing where the control bits are but understanding somewhat how the hardware interacts with everything.

Anybody facing a motherboard and chipset and expecting to get much done with it quickly is going to be dissapointed, I bet you can find very little hardware docs for any chip at all other than really dated stuff or under NDA. For that reason I prefer hardware that does as little as possible but as fast as possible and let the software do most of it but the industry is doing the exact opposite. Its kind of amazing anyone else but MS gets anything done at all.

I also would have expected DMA before video graphics compositing but the latter is more interesting.

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