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Windows "It's unusual for a Beta 1 version of Windows to have both the final shipping name of the product and as many new features as this build shows. And that's a strong sign of two things. Firstly: Windows Vista remains an ambitious release of Windows, despite some of the features that Microsoft has pushed off the side of the boat. Secondly: Microsoft is trying to get serious, both internally and externally, about this development program. Windows Vista is now the company's top priority." Read on, ten pages, here.
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More places to put things in
by gonzalo on Thu 11th Aug 2005 22:28 UTC
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The review isn't all that interesting but anyway...

Ok, so now users' stuff is not in C:Documents and Settings but you still preserve that directory for the "All Users" settings. User's settings are now in C:Users

When you go and install program X you'll have the following options, depending on how the author made the install:
- It correctly installs in C:Users your settings and in C:Documents and Settings the general settings.
- It doesn't, it goes for C:Documents and Settings
- It goes for C:Users but unfortunately your Vista is in spanish and it should have gone into C:Usuarios
- Any combination you can think of. Oh, and please consider also "My Documents" vs the new "Documents"... vs "Documentos" and vs "Mis Documentos".

So, after installing some dozen applications they may be anywhere. Why on earth don't MS make up their minds with a standard naming scheme and stick to it, please?

But of course... that's what all the effort in making searches and virtual folders about, isn't it?

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RE: More places to put things in
by n4cer on Fri 12th Aug 2005 00:26 in reply to "More places to put things in"
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Any program that can't handle the new structure is broken even by today's standards. In XP, My Documents, and other folders can be renamed and/or redirected now. APIs and environment variables have always been provided for accessing those paths correctly.

The structure likely changed in part due to feedback from those who don't use tab completion and always complained about typing paths like Documents and Settings (or whatever other reason they had for disliking the arrangement).

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ma_d Member since:

This is actually one advantage to having 300 odd distributions. Most people think "oh that's a support nightmare." And it is, that's what keeps developers on their toes and always looking for standards instead of easy workarounds.
Sometimes making life more difficult for developers does them some good...

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RE: More places to put things in
by Al2001 on Fri 12th Aug 2005 00:52 in reply to "More places to put things in"
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LOL you really think programs use hard coded paths like that?

It really doesn't matter what MS go with, there will always be those who just don't get it. The type who read the N00b to expert in 21 days book and earn the right to criticize.

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kmarius Member since:

I have seen several bad examples of software installations that ignore the functions that Microsoft provides. It's extremely irritating having two versions of every folder (one in the language of Windows and one in English).


Program Files + Programfiler
Start Menu + Startmeny
My Documents + Mine Dokumenter

The only blessing is that "Documents and Settings" has the same name as the international version.

Note to programmers: Windows has an API to return the correct path - USE IT!

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gonzalo Member since:

I know, and I never said otherwise, that those paths are not hard coded, thank you.

But you can say what you want. It is a reality today, that a lot of programs will install in different places because of this. Sure, the application is responsible for where it installs itself. I didn't say MS was.

What I said is just that there's more posibilities for applications to do it wrong. And that it would be appreciated if they wouldn't change those names so often.

If you have any more problems comprehending what you read, do not hesitate to ask.

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