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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "Though delayed for a while and later to market than most Mandriva fans would probably prefer, the new Mandriva Linux 2007 PowerPack Edition is finally here, nearly a year after the previous release. 2007 is typical Mandriva through and through: attractively themed in KDE, easy to install without skipping the technical details, a little bug-ridden here and there, and full of new and interesting software technologies. This release does have its own identity, though; not only has the standard theme been redesigned for the first time in several years, but this is the first Mandriva release to include a legal DVD movie player."
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Clarification concerning the "bugs"
by darkmind on Fri 13th Oct 2006 16:01 UTC
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+ About The AIGLX/XGL stuff
To use AIGLX, you need the GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap extension support in the drivers. At present only the free Intel and radeon/ati drivers have this extensions. So you can use AIGLX only on computers with theses chipsets. Please note that the free ati driver ( r300 ) doesn't support latest ATI graphics cards and is sometimes unstable.
GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap will be supported in the next nvidia drivers 9x.
How XGL/AIGLX work :
More info about AIGLX :

So it's normal that the system only propose XGL for nvidia and ATI when using the proprietary drivers.

+ Cedega issue :
Unfortunately 3D desktop ( especially XGL ) doesn't play well with video output and others stuff. XGL also disable direct rendering.
So don't expect to use correctly Cedega with XGL activated.
The solution in the future will be AIGLX+Glucose :

+ About updates issues
The updates issues where due to the fact that FTP mirrors where in bad state and so a complete re-sync has been initiated and it takes severals days to have all mirrors correct.
see my blog about this :
So that's why the tool didn't work at the end of the installation, most mirrors where just ... empty.

+ LinDVD playback stop
The linDVd playback issue is due to the wrong location of the licence. For further information ( and how to fix it ), see :

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