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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Windows XP Embedded SP2 Feature Pack 2007, due to be released on Nov. 1st, will include a redesigned command-line scripting tool. This whitepaper introduces the new tool and gives a few examples of what it can do. XPECMD, as it's called, is said to be a major upgrade to CMI Explorer, the tool that shipped with XPe SP1.
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XPECMD supports both 8.3 and long filenames. For example, both of these commands are valid (provided the paths exist in your file system):

(EDIT: Due to limitations of this messageboard, each occurrence of "\\" should be a single backslash. I apparently can't type a single-backslash, though - it disappears once the comment is submitted.)

BUILD myCfg "c:\\My Images\\image1"

As with most systems (and the CMD shell itself), paths with spaces must be enclosed in double-quotes to be treated as a single argument. That's the only major requirement.

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