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Internet Explorer Recent high-profile security problems with Internet Explorer have done little to dent its market share - or maybe not, according to conflicting reports on web browser use. Web analytics firm reckons that IE's global usage share is 85.85 per cent, an increase of 2.8 per cent since July 2006. Mozilla Firefox's open source browser claims second place with a share of 11.49 per cent, a decrease of 1.44 per cent since July 2006. Apple's Safari claimed 1.61 per cent (down 0.23 per cent), and Opera held 0.69 per cent of the market. However, statistics from websites tools firm Net Applications, cited by Ars Technica, paint a contrasting picture.
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IE7 new features
by NotParker on Sat 14th Oct 2006 06:40 UTC
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Tabs (they've been available as an IE add-on for years)
Printing is great
Quicktabs is fun
Phishing Filter
ActiveX opt-in
Lots of new security features
"No Addons" mode

What does Firefox 2.0 have thats new? Spell check?

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RE: IE7 new features
by hal2k1 on Sat 14th Oct 2006 07:58 in reply to "IE7 new features"
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//Lots of new security features //


Virtually all of the malware exploits in the wild that attack via web browsers are exploits for IE.

This is an "IE exclusive feature" that you forgot to list, amongst all the features of IE7 that you did list that Firefox already has anyway.

What does IE7 have that Firefox doesn't? (Even Firefox 1.5) Hmmm. Let's see.

<sarcasm>How about being limited to only one platform? Firefox doesn't have that. How about lack of support for web standards like SVG? Firefox doesn't have that either.</sarcasm>

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