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Mac OS X "If you can believe what some of the online tech prognosticators tell you, Apple's real 'Top Secret' plan is to have Mac OS 10.5 Leopard out by Macworld Expo in January, or perhaps shortly thereafter. If true, it would give Apple a chance to trounce Windows Vista, at least in times of mind share as opposed to market share, assuming the latter indeed comes out around the same time. I think some of the folks who expect an early release ought to reconsider what they're smoking or drinking."
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by mario on Sat 14th Oct 2006 08:10 UTC
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It's not $99 a year. Panther was October 2003, Tiger in April 2005, and Leopard around January 2007. That is anything but '$99 a year'.

Lamest rebuttal ever seen on osnews. I don't care one way or the other, but if you want to refute the original poster's claim, you'd have to do better than that. You just confirmed his ballpark statement that Apple releases a new OS X version every year - a few months don't change the truthfulness of it at all.

Your comment on inflation just aggravates the lameness even further.

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RE: Wow!
by Kroc on Sat 14th Oct 2006 08:26 in reply to "Wow!"
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Erhm, October 2003 - April 2005 is 17 months and April 2005 - Januaray 2007 is 21 months. Considering that I bought a Mac when Tiger came out, I've not as of yet even had to purchase OS X. And when Leopard comes out, it would have been nearly two years since the previous verison. You know, like Windows used to be before Vista?

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by mario on Sat 14th Oct 2006 08:29 in reply to "RE: Wow!"