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Privacy, Security, Encryption Softpedia posted today a small review of three anti-virus software that are free to use, complete with screenshots. Consider using Microsoft's or Adaware's anti-spyware utilities too to keep your XP healthy.
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RE[3]: "Don't install anything"
by pandronic on Tue 17th Oct 2006 09:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: "Don't install anything""
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You might indeed run a virus scanner ever few months, but tell me, which virus scanner detects trojans and spyware ?

I said I also scaned with a malware remover from time to time.

I would give a qualified answer and say you are lying.

No need for insults, you know. Did it ever cross your mind that there are people more qualified with Windows than yourself?

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Of course I know there are people more qualifies than me with Windows, and I was not meaning it as an insult.
The thing is anyone can post anything on the internet and without any facts to back them up, who is to believe them.

I installed Windows XP this morning at 10am, by 10:30 I had 7 virus's, Windows emptied my bank account, poisoned my cat and set fire to my car.

I formatted my machine, installed BSD and I can now log in remotely to your machine, and look at your wife with your webcam.

Although I am lying, can you prove it ?

It is the same thing when a lot of people come on sites like this, and say " I have been running Windows for 4 years and have never got a virus/trojan/spyware, I do not run scanners, I am clean."
These people do not run scanners because it slows down their computers and leaves less CPU cycles and RAM for their games, but because their computers do not say "YOUR MACHINE IS HOSED BY THE SOME VIRUS" they think they are clean.

Their computers are continually sending out spam in the meantime.


A firewall is no good if you blindly click on OK when you are installing something kool you downloaded. You accepted it after all....

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