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Slackware, Slax Slackware Linux 11 was released at the beginning of this month, which marks 13 years of continued development. Slackware Linux, while not the first Linux distribution, is the oldest surviving one, and is starting to show signs of aging. The first version of Slackware Linux was released on July 16, 1993, by Patrick Volkerding. More here.
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Slackware & BSD
by dimosd on Thu 19th Oct 2006 01:34 UTC
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Slackware (and Arch nowadays) are the most BSD-like linux distributions.

Much of the author's criticism towards Slackware also applies to the various BSDs. The "BSD way" of doing things.

So, Slackware (and BSD) are not the operating system of choice for those who only want to surf (Firefox), use a word processor (MS Word!), watch a movie and play games. 95% of the population, I presume.

Guess what: I didn't switch to Linux for that!

What about the 5% who hacks, tweaks, breaks, runs experimental configurations, develops?
What about the no frills, gets the job done server?

The average distribution review assumes: newbie seeks desktop distro. Well, to that user I would say: stay away from Slackware (for now).

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