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Databases The popular MySQL database is slated for a future split between what MySQL AB calls the Community and the Enterprise versions. Read the official announcement and further opinions and explanations from Kaj Arno (MySQL VP of Community Relations) and Stephen O'Grady (software industry analist). In Arno's own words: "We recognise that the needs of the MySQL Community are different from the needs of commercial enterprise customers. After 11 years of producing our software, we can no longer hope that a single offering is the best solution for both Community and Enterprise users. Consequently, we are introducing two different offerings for each distinct target group."
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Changing to Postgres ?
by chicobaud on Thu 19th Oct 2006 12:24 UTC
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Assuming MySQL clients are mostly big Web Hosting Bussiness... and NOT big database enterprise level (Insurance, Banking, State Level Records...)

I guess all those Hosting people will start changing from LAMP to Postgres, after all, it does almost the same but better. Still, I liked MySQL.

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