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Internet Explorer Microsoft will release the final build of IE7 today to customers. IE7 will be made available via Automatic Updates on the 1st of November. At the moment there is no link on, but Yahoo has the final build bundled with Yahoo Mail. FlexBeta is currently hosting Internet Explorer 7 Final without the need of downloading Yahoo Mail. My take: Read about my thoughts on IE7's new interface on my blog.
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Not to bash IE, but MS needs to take it*s time on releases. It only lsted 12 houers from release to the first eksploit was reported
Let*s hope this will not set a trebd for IE7

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Let*s hope this will not set a trebd for IE7

The sad thing is that the vulnerability discovered in IE7 is carried over from IE6 ( where it was first reported nearly 6 months ago and remains unpatched. Granted it's not a run-for-the-hills type of vulnerability, but then some of the nastiest vulnerabilities start that way until somebody figures out an ingenious way to exploit them.

I applaud Microsoft's efforts to admit to and address the inherent security issues with IE6, I've been running IE7 for a while now on any of the Win systems I have to use and it seems decent enough. But if, despite the bravado, they've simply slapped a new layer on the same shaky foundation IE6 was built on, then I don't think we'll see much of anything change.

At least have the decency to patch the old code before you use it to build the new product. Seriously.

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