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PC-BSD The PC-BSD Team is pleased to announce the availability of PC-BSD 1.3 BETA1. This release gives users and testers the opportunity to test-drive the new PC-BSD install wizard, along with the updated base system, running KDE 3.5.4, an improved look and feel, and many other enhancements.
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RE: oooh =(
by Charles A Landemaine on Thu 19th Oct 2006 19:24 UTC in reply to "oooh =("
Charles A Landemaine
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We target regular users who are for most of them MS Windows users and while we don't want to copy MS Windows, there are things that these users feel more comfortable with, such as crystal look and feel or a "Start" menu.

Adapting to the tastes of our target user base is critical for massive adoption. PC-BSD targets users who don't need to be computer savvy to use Unix, and also offers a fully-functional FreeBSD system for developers and system administrators to feel at home.

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RE[2]: oooh =(
by protagonist on Fri 20th Oct 2006 07:35 in reply to "RE: oooh =("
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PCBSD does one thing none of the Linux distros I use has done with this system It configures my display to 1280x1024. Now why can't Linux bet it right?

Anyway, that was one of the nicest installs I have done. Clean and informative. This is a keeper.

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