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Debian and its clones Steve McIntyre visited the LiMux team in Munich and has posted a small report about the visit on his blog. LiMux is the specially tailored Debian distribution City of Munich deploys. "I'd like to talk some more about LiMux, the project being run within the City of Munich to replace all of their desktop Windows systems with Linux. They gave us a demonstration and answered lots of our questions."
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RE: Perspective
by orfanum on Sun 22nd Oct 2006 07:34 UTC in reply to "Perspective"
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I wish I could up your score more - this is the most sense I have ever heard talked about regarding Linux on this site.

But note: "...a major part of the effort needed is in user training."

In other words, you can still be doing very intelligent things with Linux, do not have to be therefore simply "a no-cost pseudo-replacement for Windows" as elsewhere says, but you stil have to think hard about making the user friendly with Linux.

Und fuer unsere deutsche Leser - viel Glueck dabei: diese verdammt kluge Loesung haette nur in Deutschland vorkommen koennen!

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RE[2]: Perspective
by dylansmrjones on Sun 22nd Oct 2006 07:46 in reply to "RE: Perspective"
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Hey, that damn smart solution has been made in other countries too ;)

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RE[3]: Perspective
by orfanum on Mon 23rd Oct 2006 01:50 in reply to "RE[2]: Perspective"
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Sure - I am just trying to keep the encouragement up in this case (being rhetorical has always been my weak point...;-)

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