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Apple "Apple's recent quarterly earnings report blew past all expectations. More importantly, dramatic unit sales growth shows the company is executing a working strategy for building the Mac platform. That raises the obvious question: why has Apple's market share historically been so low, and why did Apple fail to make any progress in the 1990's? Here's a look at why Apple's platform fell into crisis, and why the solutions prescribed by analysts didn't work."
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"I've always wondered why Mac clones was thought to be a good idea."

The PC industry seem to be a healthy , profiting one ...

"The clone market certainly didn't help IBM."

Really ? They made money on every single parts inside the clones , due to patent and being the only one able to process certain device and software ...

IBM derived a considerable income stream from licence fees companies who cloned the PC paid for licences to use IBM patents that were in the PC design, to the extent that IBM's focus changed from discouraging PC clones to maximising its revenue from licence sales.

Most modern x86 server-class machines are essentially more robust versions of the modern desktop IBM PC compatible.

"IBM gained a smaller share of the market than it would have if it had kept the platform closed,"

Until Dell came along in the 1990 , IBM had 65%+ of the global market ... As I explained , they also profited on every single clone made , from one way or another , Device , license , service , software.

Its somewhat amusing to read your comments , why ? Because if you load up the latest Apple offering they are all basically IBM clones ... with Mac OS X on top.

History repeat itself for those who dont learn it or from it , last I looked Apple is diversifying at the expanse of its core computing market ( Music , TV ), again , as I recall they where first in a lot of computing achievement , but there own hubris did them in then , they had the good fortune and inteligence of makinmg iTune for windows this time around , but passing on selling older version of Mac OS X to Dell is probably costing them billions.

25$ - 30$ per Dell machine.

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