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Linux In the latest episode of LugRadio, Eric S. Raymond suggests that the Linux community need to start integrating more proprietary software in order to get market share. ESR points to proprietary multimedia codecs as an example of somewhere where Linux distributions should step away from free-software rhetoric in order to get more users, with the aim of bringing those users back to open source later on and to gain more influence with manufacturers and music/movie/media distributors to make Linux a properly supported platform.
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by judgen on Mon 23rd Oct 2006 21:23 UTC
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Crazy sod! They should NOT implement prop stuff unless nessecary. And support efforts to make an FOSS alternative that can hadle the formats.

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by ma_d on Tue 24th Oct 2006 01:40 in reply to "LOL"
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It's illegal to make a FOSS alternative to those codecs. That's the problem.

And it's not one of those hazy areas like DeCSS.

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RE[2]: LOL
by dsmogor on Tue 24th Oct 2006 09:57 in reply to "RE: LOL"
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Fortunately not everywhere. ;)

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