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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Mozilla Foundation has released version 2.0 of their Firefox webbrowser to their ftp site. The release notes are not yet updated, so you'll have to do with the release notes for the third release candidate, which will probably not differ all that much from the final notes.
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Remember, you can not make changes to Fire Fox source and use the same name unless you say "mother may I" to Mozilla.

You're sort of taking that out of context... he was basically suggesting that if you think you can fix the problems, go for it - and submit your patches back to Mozilla.

Obviously, if they can find nothing wrong with a patch submitted by an external developer that fixes some serious flaw(s) in FireFox/Gecko, they have no reason not to apply the patch to the trunk.

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You're sort of taking that out of context...,

Yeah, I am. Not a big fan of Mozilla's policy. However, I am sure that Mozilla's development team can certainly tweak FF to be faster or use less memory, but they have not done that (not speaking about 2.0 of course). I guess it is not a high priority for them right now. I kind of thought that was the whole point of FF. Don't get me wrong, Mozilla has done a lot of good things for all major operating systems in a very short time, but I don't think that we should give them a free pass. I encourage criticism of any software project, because the right criticism will lead to a better product.

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One real problem with their policies is that they drop support for older versions. So if there is a security problem on an older version, you can't patch it and still call it Firefox as the Mozilla people won't deal with that older version.

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you can't patch it and still call it Firefox as the Mozilla people won't deal with that older version.

*YOU* can patch it and still call it Firefox for your own purposes, you just can't distribute it publicly that way.

Consider that they don't have the manpower and resources to validate every patch submitted for older versions.

This is certainly not specific Firefox... when it comes to officially supporting older products, especially security-sensitive products, there are serious trade-offs involved. It is almost certainly a better use of resources to move forward with newer versions.

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