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Windows "Eventually, we're going to see Vista come out. Yes, I know, even at this late date, Vista is still getting unexpected delays - it was set to go to manufacturing Oct. 25, but it's not going to make it - but it is on its way. My question, though, is: What version will actually work for you come that day?"
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Guess you want Linux, then. I'd say OS X, but I read that even Apple has it phone home occasionally for some reason or another.

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I'm about half way to linux land, meaning half the machines in my house run linux. Ubuntu cause hey its linux for humans and this ex-hardcore windows freak finds it pretty easy to deal with and so far its run like a peach on all my hardware.

I just hope it keeps growing and breaks down this crazy structure we have in place now where everyone it seem is stuck eating from the MS meat wagon.

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