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Linux A few months ago we ran a poll about the most important non-free Linux apps. We had over 8,000 votes in that poll and we consider the results pretty interesting. Interesting enough to push Linux's market share if a distro capitalized on them?
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How to get mp3 support in Ubuntu 6.10
by Amaranth on Wed 25th Oct 2006 10:22 UTC
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Search for 'mp3'
Choose 'gstreamer extra plugins'

If I remember right this will even enable universe/multiverse for you but I did all of this with synaptic so I can't test.

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Arch/Gentoo/FreeBSD will install all the necessary, "highly illegal" codecs by default.

The most popular distributions (Ubuntu, Fedore) have to cripple the software they ship by default for legal reasons.

Fine. Could you at least make it fast and obvious to restore the missing functionality?

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IANAL, but assisting someone in doing something illegal is illegal by itself.

- Gilboa

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