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Mac OS X Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says that Apple did not need NeXT, the company that provided the foundation for Mac OS X; he argues that System 7 wasn't nearly as bad as it was made out to be. Wozniak also says that Mac OS 9 was more secure than OS X is now: Mac OS X is built in Unix and is therefore more prone to attacks because people are familiar with the holes in Unix, explained Woznaik. "Some of the holes in Unix are well known. So keeping Firewalls on is more important. And we keep announcing, even our own security fixes, not as many as Microsoft but still we never really had those in the OS 9 days."
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Respectfully Disagree
by saterdaies on Wed 25th Oct 2006 14:50 UTC
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I have to respectfully disagree with the great and powerful Woz.

First, security through obscurity is never a plus of an operating system. I mean, let's say I was running an OS that I developed that was full of security holes, but because no one had access to a copy of it (the only copy in existence being on my computer), it would be hard if not impossible to crack. Maybe obscurity makes you less prone to attack, but it doesn't mean that it's more secure.

Second, OS9 didn't live to see the days when computer attacks were so common. The internet was still pretty safe, people hadn't migrated to cable modems and such as much. It was simply living in a different reality. OS9 was pretty much out as the attacks on WinXP started. I remember that fall at my school - nearly half of windows machines got compromised - but OS9 wasn't really used anymore. It just never saw a time when attacks were common.

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RE: Respectfully Disagree
by Get a Life on Wed 25th Oct 2006 21:04 in reply to "Respectfully Disagree"
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What? Safe? Maybe less crapware for home users, but the era of OS 9 was rife with server intrusion and other malicious Interweb warriors.

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RE: Respectfully Disagree
by Kancept on Fri 27th Oct 2006 19:14 in reply to "Respectfully Disagree"
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OS/2 and banks. Secure, obscure. Read about attcks on ATMs, etc then Vs. now when they run Windows as their moin interfaces. It has nothing to do with internet connectivity.

Maybe isolated, maybe noone cares. :-)

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