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PC-BSD "With all of the BSD variants available for download, it's easy to incorrectly assume all of them are pure, incompatible forks from each other. Actually, there are more shades of BSD out in the world than just separate forks. One in particular made the news a couple of weeks ago when it was commercially acquired. The BSD in question is PC-BSD. The company that bought it is iXsystems, a systems deployment and integrator firm out of San Jose that has pretty strong experience implementing *BSD, Unix and Linux systems for its customer base. So, why did the company up and buy PC-BSD?"
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Linux should be based in China....
by Caesius on Thu 26th Oct 2006 19:18 UTC
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"PC-BSD will become popular if and only if it has a good number of passionate advocates."

Windows became popular. Where were its passionate advocates?

Personally (don't be offended), the Linux community (or commune for a better word) will never get anywhere in my op.

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Once upon a time I was a passionate advocate of Windows, or at least the Win32 kernel, and I wasn't alone. But Windows almost falls into the salt and sugar category because you have to have some OS, and there didn't used to be a lot of choice.

Don't worry, I'm not offended. The Linux community is already in a terrific position and getting better all the time. And PC-BSD may also vault ahead to a terrific position as well.

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Windows became popular. Where were its passionate advocates?

I believe they live in a place called Redmond.

Or Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Look, MS make good products, OK? Windows is not one of them, and never has been. At 15GB and already critically compromised, the next version isn't going to be, either.

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Windows became popular. Where were its passionate advocates?

Sorry, can't resist!


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LOL that was very good. Here's another one:

What a mad guy!

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