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Slackware, Slax "Slackware is one of the oldest (arguably *the* oldest) Linux distributions still around today. It is the pet project of one Patrick Volkerding who, love him or hate him, has ruled his distribution with an iron fist since the beginning. This is fine if you agree with his choices, but like all dictators, Patrick doesn't always make decisions based on the good of the populace, but rather sheer unmitigated ego. Here is my experience with his latest iteration, Slackware 11." More here.
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by rootz on Sat 28th Oct 2006 08:53 UTC
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this review was the worse that i've seen.
the author is just a new guy entering in the _linux_world, in love with all newbie, fancy features.

can't believe this review hits osnews.

Eugenia, can you try to put some good stuff?

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RE: looser
by Eugenia on Sat 28th Oct 2006 08:55 in reply to "looser"
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Not really. The guy is NOT a newbie. Everyone has an opinion, and even if I don't agree with him, I still believe that his voice must be heard, because it exists and there are others who think like him. If you have a problem with his ideas about Slackware, write a review too and submit it to us, we will publish it.

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RE[2]: looser
by ralph on Sat 28th Oct 2006 09:32 in reply to "RE: looser"
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Isn't "everyone has an opinion" just a rather weak excuse for the lack of quality of the linked article?

The article is simply an uniformed, poorly written diatribe by some poor victim of the internet age who happens to have a blog.

It's neither interesting, nor thought provoking, nor well informed, it's simply dumb and to top it off, insulting.

Really, why post something like this on osnews?

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RE[2]: looser
by MacTO on Sat 28th Oct 2006 10:45 in reply to "RE: looser"
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Everyone may have an opinion, but this person had an axe to grind.

I am one of the people who believe that this article should not have been linked.

If he wanted to write a negative review on Slackware, then go ahead. But be civil about it. Say that you think that text based installers are passe. Say that the 2.4 kernel is old and lacks many features. Say that the lack of dependency checking makes installation harder. But do NOT insult the person who makes it or the people who use it. Not only is that hitting below the belt, but it is trolling -- something which the staff at OSNews was working to reduce among its users a few months back!

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RE[2]: looser
by molnarcs on Sat 28th Oct 2006 11:05 in reply to "RE: looser"
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If I rant about a linux distro on my blog, would you link to it? Or does it have to be of a certain quality... Does osnews have standards for accepting submissions? Because the review is worse than most +3 comments on slashdot. Yeah, why not link to slashdot or forum posts? At least on ./, a +4 or +5 comment already passed the "there are others who think like him" test of yours.

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RE[2]: looser
by snowbender on Sat 28th Oct 2006 12:18 in reply to "RE: looser"
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Frankly, I am not interested in reading everyone's opinion on Slackware. There's a difference between an objective and respectful review of a distro (even if the reviewer comes to the conclusion that he really does not like the distro) and something like this, which almost seems like a personal attack on Patrick Volkerding. I think that the former has a place on OSNews, but the latter shouldn't have.

I don't currently use Slackware, but I have a lot of respect for Patrick Volkerding. He created Slackware and has been maintaining it all these years. He is shaping his distro in the way he thinks is best. That is his right. Even though you can respectfully disagree with the way someone sets priorities or makes choices in his project and even though you can suggest changes, which you think would make the project better, you don't have the right to call someone "asshole" for making his own choices in his own distro.

I think a lot of open source users should change their mentality. An open source project maintainer is someone who writes code and shares that code so that other people can benefit from it too. An open source project maintainer is not your personal slave programmer who needs to fulfill all your personal wishes regarding the project he is maintaining.

Lately, all I read is "this distro should be changed like that, because I would like it that way, and since I like it that way, everyone will like it that way and the distro could get more marketshare". What about trying to find the linux distro which fits you, instead of picking a distro and demanding that it is changed so it will fit you?

To give an analogy... if I go to a foreign country, I try to understand the local culture, the local habits, I'll try the local food... how rude would it be to visit a foreign country and call the people there stubborn assholes because they refuse to give up their culture and refuse to adopt my culture?

As I said, giving an overview of what you like and don't like and suggest things, which might make a distro better in your opinion, is fine. Calling names and making accusations because a distro happens to have a target audience you don't belong to, is not.

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RE[2]: looser
by halfmanhalfamazing on Sat 28th Oct 2006 13:03 in reply to "RE: looser"
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-----------I still believe that his voice must be heard, because it exists-------------

There's never been anything written that states that a person has a right to be heard.(at least, nothing credible that I've seen)

We should all have the right to speak, but that's the whole point of free speech. If you speak idiocy, you get shunned by the masses because you're an idiot.

Right to speak freely does not = right to be heard by all.

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RE[2]: looser
by Bill on Tue 31st Oct 2006 19:30 in reply to "RE: looser"
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Say what you will, the guy is not competent. Am I really to believe that you will publish anything I may have to say because my voice "exists and there are others who think like" me? For example, suppose I were to write a review of OSNews stating that the site has absolutely no editorial standards, that Eugenia will link to absolute trash because she "doesn't understand the idea" of editorial standards, that Eugenia will defend her retched choices out of "sheer unmitigated ego," and that one shouldn't expect any credibility out of OSNews whatever. Would you publish that? Hmmmm?

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