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3D News, GL, DirectX "Microsoft's DirectX application programming interface (API) was first introduced in 1995. DirectX was designed to make life easier for software developers by providing a standard platform developers could use to easily make multimedia software and game programming for the Windows Platform." More here.
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RE: It should be interesting.
by ThawkTH on Sun 29th Oct 2006 12:51 UTC in reply to "It should be interesting."
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There was a time when I was completely up to snuff when it came to 3D and gaming...

I've certainly fallen behind with my lack of funds and my, well, Radeon 9000 Pro ;)

If that screen shot is truly indicative of this game, I'm truly amazed.

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pandronic Member since:

I know it doesn't mean much, coming from a GeForce 2 MX/400 owner, but that is awesome!

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andrewg Member since:

I saw the video trailer where the devs where discussing the 'firsts' the game represents. Crysis is truly awesome but you will need some serious cash to be able to appreciate it in all its glory. The devs say thatthe Xbox 360 and the PS3 are not powerful enough for Crysis to be played as its intended.

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