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General Development NetBeans 5.5 has been released. "NetBeans IDE 5.5 builds on the success of NetBeans 5.0 and adds support for Java EE 5 and Sun Java System Application Server PE 9. Got Web 2.0? Of course! NetBeans 5.5 generates JAX-WS 2.0 artifacts for Java SE 6 and Java EE 5 projects. We included Java Persistence support and support for Enterprise Java Beans 3. Additionally, there is the new Subversion support module and an updated module for the GUI builder, both available on the 5.5 Update Center." A new preview build of NetBeans 6 has also been released.
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by acidblue on Mon 30th Oct 2006 04:00 UTC
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I am happy that they are also supporting OS X with the Enterprise Pack, C and C++ Pack, Profiler and the new Visual Web Pack! That is cool.

Now, does anyone know if there is an IntelliJ/Eclipse type shortcut for opening a file/resource within NetBeans? I can only find a "go to class" but I want a "go to file" and just can't seem to find such a shortcut. This is the ONLY feature that is stopping me from paying the IntelliJ tax.

But, again, I am really excited about this release.

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RE: Awesome!
by gonzo on Mon 30th Oct 2006 00:12 in reply to "Awesome!"
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"Go to File" will be in Netbeans 6 ;)

More info:

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RE[2]: Awesome!
by acidblue on Mon 30th Oct 2006 14:57 in reply to "RE: Awesome!"
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Hmm, does anyone know if it would be difficult to create such a plugin or something for NetBeans? I am not very familiar with its plugin architecture, but perhaps I need to get there. As we all know, Java EE, Spring and I18N files can be in abundance within a Java based project. It becomes very difficult to get to these files without a good shortcut.


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RE: Awesome!
by flick on Mon 30th Oct 2006 07:14 in reply to "Awesome!"
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Goto file: CTRL-Shift-N

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RE[2]: Awesome!
by evangs on Mon 30th Oct 2006 14:04 in reply to "RE: Awesome!"
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Pay $499 just for such a feature? Not all of us can poop gold coins.

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RE[2]: Awesome!
by acidblue on Mon 30th Oct 2006 14:35 in reply to "RE: Awesome!"
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Well, I already own IntelliJ IDEA 5. But there are several reasons I want to use NetBeans:

- It's free, no more upgrade fees.

- Support the effort by using it. Software like this only lives if people show a need.

- I can have as many copies of it running as I want. I currently have 3 machines in my home that I use for development. So, when I jump on any one of them and start working I don't want some notice popping up telling me I can't run my instances of IDEA concurrently. That is just annoying. An no, I am not going to put my computers on different subnets, or block the port at each machine's firewall. It's against the license, so that is the 'law'.

- Cutting edge features and a kick ass GUI dev tool. Now I am not a Swing guy. But, this is the greatest tool I have ever seen for GUI development with Swing components. The IDEA one is proprietary and I just can't seem to grok what they are trying to give me.

- They basically taking Java Studio Creator and giving us this functionality within NetBeans.

- Great Maven plugin!

- There is just too much to explain.

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