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AMD At an event in Mumbai, soon after the completion of the acquisition of ATI, AMD announced a line of latest Vista-ready ATI Radeon graphic processors. According to Chris Jones, corporate vice president - Windows Core OS Division, "Microsoft will deliver a series of graphics innovations with Windows Vista that provide a customer experience that is second to none. We could not have achieved this without our partnership with ATI. From day one, ATI has played a key role in helping us design and validate the new driver model at the heart of Windows Vista, and ATI has since developed robust and performant drivers that highlight the capabilities of our new operating system."
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RE: Blah, blah
by jcinacio on Mon 30th Oct 2006 23:28 UTC in reply to "Blah, blah"
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You think the company execs really believe the BS they're spewing? They gotta be walking out of these press conferences laughing their asses off.

I'm actually inclined to believe that myself...

Who needs innovation and quality when you have marketing?

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RE[2]: Blah, blah
by Phloptical on Thu 2nd Nov 2006 00:12 in reply to "RE: Blah, blah"
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Too true! :} Better watch out around here, saying stuff like that will get you called "troll" and your post modded out of existence.

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