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Morphos Genesi has announced its Open Server Workstation: "The Open Server Workstation is a six layer board with two 970MP processors, the CPC945 and Broadcom's HT-1000 and 2000 chips. Excepting those parts, the board and component cost is below USD 200. Here is the Business Plan [.pdf] we wrote for the board."
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I wasn't talking about the Intel implementations of the x86 i expressed myself, but about the x86 in generel.

BTW: Yes the P6 was something else. When you take a closer look at it, it looks a lot like an AMD K6, extended with a load of Cyrix 6x86 core features.

With the PII Intel added a few instructions, which sometimes makes it difficult to tell them apart. For example when you compile anything with GCC to i686, you do not compile for the P6 but the PII.

The Netburst was literally a mistake.

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