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Linux "With our operating system, the Playstation could very easily be your home CD player, DVD player, MP3 player and home computer, as well as a great game box," said Terra Soft CEO Kai Staats of the PS3, "This is not an application-limited appliance, this is a full-blown computer. There is no issue of ‘can it do this or that?' It can do everything." More here.
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Implications for PPC Linux users
by gerghk on Tue 31st Oct 2006 18:19 UTC
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I'm personally not a huge fan of Sony, I'm probably going to get a Wii. But on the other hand, I am running linux on my iBook G3 in an attempt to breath some life back into it, but the lack of Flash support really pisses me off. I despise Microsoft so much that I refuse to install win32codecs on my x86 linux box - I don't even want to support their codecs, and that has been alleviated with flash video sites like youtube and googlevideo. But in PPC linux, I don't even have that to fall back on!

But with YDL on the PS3, there is some hope that the PPC linux userbase will grow significantly. Perhaps we can leverage that expanded user base to get Adobe to release flash support for PPC linux!

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The Cell CPU isn't compatible with an normal PPC CPU, not even it's main Core alone, so that doesn't change anything in terms of PPC support.

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It may no be completely compatible but it is based on the POWER4 (aka PowerPC 970) and does use the PPC instruction set and machine language:
So any advances in the Cell hardware or software development will most likely also advance the standard PPC line.

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