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PC-BSD After the flood of Fedora Core 6 and Ubuntu 6.10 reviews, here is a review of PC-BSD 1.3 Beta. "PC-BSD has improved quite a bit and the use of its open-source PBI packaging system is a great idea. Although it obviously means there might be a minor delay in newly released products being ported over to the PBI package system, novice users will rejoice because the wait is well worth it. PC-BSD is a well oiled machine with its quick response times, even if you don't have that much memory in your system. Its implementation of a clean interface is welcomed by me and not having a 3D enabled desktop is not something I really would worry about unless you are an eye-candy lover."
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RE[6]: still no easy drivers
by Doc Pain on Wed 1st Nov 2006 09:40 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: still no easy drivers"
Doc Pain
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"The real need for Flash is that it is much better than animated GIFs at distracting the user and causing them to notice the advertisement at the top of the page... and in the bottom right corner, and in the left sidebar, and in the top left corner, and in the right sidebar, and the one above it in the right sidebar, and at the bottom, and in the iframe that floats by in the middle of the page."

I know such things from a study about ADHD (attention deficite and hyperactivity disorder, ICD-10 F90.1) I did a few years ago. You simply cannot set attention to more than one target. So, using "Flash" ads, you could completely distract the attention from any possible content of a web page, when the "Flash" ad is not the content. (For video pages, "Flash" videos may be the content as you are able to see them.)

This may lead even people that are not suffering from ADHD to loose attention and finally interest on such pages. That would be sad, especially in the case thatt the content is interesting and / or important in fact.

Finally, it could lead to a pathological development of an ADHD type disease. People won't be able (!) to see the content even if it beats their heads. :-)

Even some UIs use these strategies with blinking and squaking buttons, funny animals jumping around and message bubbles floating over the desktop. :-)

"I just cannot believe that *anyone* (especially an OSNews reader, as has a particular affinity for Flash ads), in this day and age, could ask what Flash is good for."

I don't see "Flash" ads here, and the OSNews isn't blocked by "Flash" stuff. Or did I misunderstand you? (English is not my native language, so please don't blame me.)

Furthermore, there are no silly questions, there are only silly answers. Yours not included. :-)

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