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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft will make a surprise announcement at the Nov. 1 launch of Windows CE 6.0, according to the Web's rumor-mill. In what would be its most substantial nod to the open-source movement, Microsoft is rumored to be opening up CE 6.0's entire kernel as 'shared source'. Update: It's official.
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Too late, too little:
by deb2006 on Wed 1st Nov 2006 15:30 UTC
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Honestly, who really cares about this? Embedded devices don't need Microsoft at all, and the opening of the kernel sources is nice, but it means nothing. Open up the GUI and we'll start talking.

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RE: Too late, too little:
by CuriosityKills on Wed 1st Nov 2006 18:44 in reply to "Too late, too little:"
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Open up the GUI and we'll start talking.
Yeah right so you can steal from it?

Ask Apple to Open their GUI source, they are based on free kernel still they don't open.

For embedded devices related development, kernel source matters a lot. It is a good move.

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RE[2]: Too late, too little:
by CowMan on Thu 2nd Nov 2006 02:50 in reply to "RE: Too late, too little:"
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Given that GUI's are, well, primarily graphical in nature, it matters little whether you have the source or not; it's basically artwork and modes of interaction ("feel"). Easily ripped-off, I would think?

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