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Apple Many reviews of Apple's new Mighty Mouse have already appeared on the web, and most of them were quite negative. Walter Mossberg even concluded: "Microsoft has beaten Apple on hardware design, at least in this one case." Are these findings correct? To find out, we put the Mighty Mouse to the test.
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As a side note I always switch cursor acceleration off when I can, I don't know how anyone can keep their sanity with it. Also the default speed settings in X, Windows and Mac OS X are far too fast. I don't need to traverse the whole screen with only an inch of movement! No wonder some people have trouble operating a mouse accurately.

I disagree. The mouse (on any OS) is always too slow for me by default. I always have to turn the speed AND the acceleration up (especially on my touchpad). If you multitask it makes life a hell of a lot easier if you can move the mouse quickly, that is if you have any kind of hand eye coordination. If you don't then I guess you would probably want a slow pointer.

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