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General Development "Software sucks, 80% of projects fail, and most developers are unhappy individuals. Why is this? My answer; complexity. Complexity is the single factor I would attribute poor software to. The more you have to do, the harder you make it on yourself, the way requirements seem to change, the worse the final result is; right? Software needs to be simple", says Chris Stewart.
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What a load of bull
by Earl Colby pottinger on Fri 3rd Nov 2006 04:01 UTC
Earl Colby pottinger
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Blame the programmers? I wish it was the programmer's fault - I have even seen the code from bad programmers so I know they are out there.

But my personal experience when I made a living as a programmer are that the Bosses above the programmer are the problem.

1) Goals. Give a good programmer the goals of the program, and they can deliver working code. Keep changing the goals or add new ones every time the lastest version is delivered and you never have a finished program.

2) Debugging & Time. No matter what schedule the programmers need the bosses keep trying to cut it down because time = money! Well, bugs = money too! If a programmer tries to sit down and pre-design the logic to avoid bugs the bosses think they are wasting time. If the programmer writes the code quickly then wants to debug the bosses want to start using it right away. I have never seen programmers given the true time needed to deliver good working code.

3) Simple is not easy! It takes a lot of thought and usually a lot of experiments to find the simple solution. And even when you find one there always seems to be someone to complain because it is not the way they want to do it - period!

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RE: What a load of bull
by gonzalo on Fri 3rd Nov 2006 08:19 in reply to "What a load of bull"
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I blame most of the bad things to stupid decisions. I'm not even talking about the promises made by sales departments, which are a whole other dimension by themselves. I mean the decisions that people who don't really know what's behind a framework, technology, architechture, language, plataform... make sacrificing everything else to 'time to market'.

Sometimes they don't even spend a tenth of a second thinking about the consecuences of a bad decision. They even say things like "We'll go with this. I know it's a bad decision and I know it will cost us a lot later, but right now it's the fastest route to take". I've been told this many times. I've argued and I've begged, to no avail.

This is, imho, the single most important reason why software development sucks so bad.

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RE[2]: What a load of bull
by bailey86 on Fri 3rd Nov 2006 08:54 in reply to "RE: What a load of bull"
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>>I blame most of the bad things to stupid decisions. I'm >>not even talking about the promises made by sales >>departments, which are a whole other dimension by >>themselves.


I was in a meeting once where the client had been promised that their system would be integrated in 3 days. This was between an Insurance company and a catalog company.

I told them it would take me three days just to get through the (fairly large) specs and then I'd give them an estimate of the actual time. This produced an embarrassed silence, uncomfortable shifting in chairs etc. Then a few embaraasing 'Are you sure?'s and 'Could we not?'s

Three months of hard work later and I produced a really good solution which had error checking, docs, worked flawlessly and was later extended successfully.

But the damage was done - I was now unpopular with the sales managers. All because THEY tried to estimate a job for which they had no idea what was involved.

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