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Linux "Windows Vista brings with it a new era of DRM and restrictive license agreements that aren't going to sit well with even your basic power user and some are looking for an escape route. These changes are making some users question their commitment to Microsoft. The obvious step is to make the leap to Linux. But what's holding people back from escaping Microsoft's shackles and moving to a free, easy platform? My guess is that the platform isn't everything. In fact, it's only a small part of the equation."
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No, Linux isn't ready for the world.
by Meor on Sat 4th Nov 2006 03:09 UTC
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Ever heard of the term, "So bad you couldn't give it away?" This is a reoccuring theme in the Linux world:

1) Users request a feature
2) Linux community tells the user that their request is wrong.
3) User buys a copy of Windows since Windows has the features they want.
4) Linux community wonders why people don't use Linux.

Even to this message I'm sure I'll get a bunch of "No, Linux is better because of x, y, and z" but the fact of the matter is, Linux is worse and will continue to be worse unless they start listening to what users want.

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Can you show us some concrete examples of this? I need some examples to understand because I see the opposite.

Users wanted easier installers - compare ANY of todays installer to the installers of only last year or two ago and you will see users got exactly what they wanted.

Users wanted better compatability with MSoffice formats. guess what they got.

I could go on and on and on but why bother. Load up debian woody now load up debian etch and compare and you will see the users got a lot of changes...a LOT!

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No I won't show you concrete examples of this.

1) There are countless examples already in this thread.
2) It seems that no matter how many times people tell you what is wrong you think Linux's shit doesn't stink.

Easier installers? If an installer 1-2 years ago was 25% as easy as a windows install is and today it's twice as good as it was, it's still only 50% as easy as windows. It's *not good enough*. If you think it is good enough, you're wrong.

The bottom line is, when the majority of people pay for a competing product of something you give away for free your product is necessarily terrible.

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I'll give you a few:

1. Most of us want a single, standard DE that works across all distros. There's no reason why we need KDE, Gnome, XFCE, etc. If all of these DEs are necessary at the moment, that means that each one of them are lacking in some area that makes the others necessary. When it comes to apps, choice is good. When it comes to desktop enviroments, it's not a good idea to sacrifice consistency for the sake of choice.
2. Same as above, but only with the graphical toolkits
3. A package management standard so that I can download a single package and have it work across all distros that follow that standard. And notice I didn't say a standard package manager, I said a package management stanard. No more of this 'distro repository' bullshit .. it's a waste of resources and creates more problems than it solves.

Now, you may think that I'm wrong about any/all of the above 3 points, but honestly, I don't really care what you think. Though you are most certainly entitled to your opinion and I respect it, but if you want me (and others like me) to actually use the OS, you're going to have to make some changes first.

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