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Linux The FSF recently announced the release of gNewSense 1.0 in a press release. gNewSense is a free software GNU/Linux distribution created by two Irish free software advocates, Brian Brazil and Paul O'Malley, and is based on the Ubuntu and Debian distributions.
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RE: Ehm
by usr0 on Sun 5th Nov 2006 12:30 UTC in reply to "Eh"
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What? Just 50 users?! MS Windows has much more users!

Dees the number of users really matters? The guys created this distro to act for their moral values and only this matters. Some people call such people "fundamentalists" but you can call them also protectionists of the free software idea that point out software that is not free. Well, we know this software but will the Ubuntu user of tomorrow recognize this software too? I do not want GNU/Linux to became a sort of a Linux based MS distribution.

If you don't like the distro, do not use it. To my mind it is a great idea but I am also reliant on the crappy realplayer and the nasty Macromedia virus plugin.

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RE[2]: Ehm
by miscz on Sun 5th Nov 2006 16:23 in reply to "RE: Ehm"
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I used word "fundamentalists" in frivolous way, to me they are just a bunch of guys without a touch with reality. They will create their own disto when they can just not install troublesome packages and create other artificial problems.

My point was that there are news about them in too many places. It's here not because there's something special about this distro but because it's Free as in RMS. There were projects like this one and nobody remembers them now, Ututo comes to mind.

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