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Morphos On BBRV's blog: "The PegasosPPC will be on sale this week for $399. Neither the board nor an upgrade card will be produced again by Genesi or bplan. It is the end of an era for us. It has been a great experience."
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You do realize that there is a follow up to that story, eh? And bringing that up is useless at this time.

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I think the history of the company should be viewed repeatedly when people talk of it, it has a history of cheating people out of money for the work they've done. Hardly the kind of company I'd support in any of their ventures.

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I have been dealing with Genesi for nearly two years. The OpenSolaris project created an opportunity to port Solaris to a whole new architecture and we needed a hardware vendor that would help us at every step. We knew it would be a long path to follow and we would need every technical schematic. We would need multiple systems. We would need support with no real possibility of return on investment for a very very long time.

Genesi stepped up to the plate and had provided free systems to people working on the PowerPC project. Genesi shipped systems all over the world at great expense and never made a complaint. It has been well over a year since I had my Genesi ODW and no one at Genesi ever asked for it back or for payment. Quite the contrary. When Blastwave was hitting hard times and searching for a corporate sponsor to help out Genesi stepped forwards and tossed in money. They never asked for anything and never even asked for a signature or a single piece of paper.

I really don't know what the history is of these past problems. I can tell you that I have dealt with the Genesi people for a while now and I publicly will stand by them and will say that they support free and open development in the open source world regardless of if its OpenSolaris or Linux. Regardless of the extensive costs. They have been open, honest, honourable and supportive.

Dennis Clarke

--- Please note :

This is a verbatim repeat of :

I will repeat that position once more in order to be clear. Nothing has changed with one exception; Bill Buck and his staff at Genesi have truely poured their hearts into the OpenSolaris project over the past two years. They worked closely with Sun in order to achieve the first Solaris kernel on PPC in a decade. Genesi has stayed the course regardless of the fact that there has been _zero_ financial gain for them. Genesi has been a true friend of the OpenSolaris world as well as a world of Solaris users. The well loved Genesi ODW will not be used anymore as we look toward future technologies.

Dennis Clarke
6 Nov 2006

---------- final note :

Screenshots of the new GNOME 2.16.1 on Solaris may be seen at :

The background artwork was done entirely on a Genesi ODW PowerPC based workstation running Fedora Core and my own build of PovRay. The build of GNOME was done by Ken Mays at Blastwave. Genesi has been a firm supporter of the Blastwave project.

Who could ask for a better supporter of open source software and open software projects.


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''it has a history of cheating people out of money for the work they've done.''

To the best of my knowledge, Genesi went through a time when expected funding didn't materialize, and money wasn't there for employees and contractors to one degree or another. This timeframe includes the infamous episodes of the OpenBSD port and the end of the MorphOS support. If you know about Genesi "cheating people" before that time period or since, please give the details, as I believe your generalization about Genesi's "history" is groundless.

I don't think Genesi's past should be whitewashed, but I also don't think it's fair to make broad overstatements without facts. In my experience with them (some contracted web work and related support), they have been fair and there was no cheating. And this seems to be the general experience, certainly in more recent, less rocky times. If you have information to the contrary, please be specific.

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But in the case you presented it wasn't that scenario being played out, right?

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