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Novell and Ximian "Someone just asked me whether, now that Novell's become buddies with Microsoft, I'll be turning away from Novell/SUSE as one of my favorite Linux distributions. My answer is no. I'm sticking with SUSE Linux on both my desktops and servers. Here's why."
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I'm not a system admin, but I would guess that they are more driven by how good a product is than by ideological purity. It's one thing post on OSNews, but it's quite another to move your company from one product to another.

Well put. I'm a sys admin for Novell products and I'm put off by Novell over this whole thing. However, I'm not about to run down to the server room and format all my NetWare and SLES boxes.

Actually, I'm still more steamed at Novell over the fact that they can't get a single management tool sorted out. iManager, Console1, Nwadmin. I need one tool with all the snapins, not five!

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Agreed. As a single user, getting rid of whatever distro in one day is one's own business. Deleting every copy of the distro on all computers in your datacentre and sending them back with a snotty letter is irresponsible.

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I'm a system administrator for a very Microsoft centric company, and I'm pretty ambivalent about the whole affair, but I will say this.

I think I'll have a much easier time encouraging customers to switch to a Linux distribution that has (on the face of things) an endorsement from Microsoft and the support of a company with a familiar name that conjures memories of the old workhorse Netware, which drove many businesses off impossibly meagre hardware for years in the 90s.

Even Microsoft's announcement that there may be IP issues with other Linux distributions doesn't necessarily bode badly for Linux in general. It just means that people worried about IP problems with Linux have a clear course now.

Those who doubt that Microsoft would want to be seen making trouble for their competitors (myself included), or who live in a software-patent free regime (myself included), need not pay any attention to Microsoft's announcement.

Finally, to anyone who is being forced by their employer to migrate to SuSE because of Microsoft's FUD regarding this agreement, my condolences. But at least you still get to work with Linux.

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