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BeOS & Derivatives Lots of Haiku and Zeta news this weekend. Firstly, the latest Haiku image is now making use of the new, improved Deskbar and Tracker with support for scalable vector graphics. Also Stephan Assmus' award winning icon set, Stippi, has been included. Secondly, better support for Japanese is now available on Zeta. Thirdly, there is now a driver for Intel Extreme chipsets for both Zeta and Haiku. Lastly, has a guide on using Aspell on BeOS.
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by dacloo on Mon 6th Nov 2006 22:23 UTC
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I love the clean look of Haiku, more than Zeta's added bevel-shiny-crap. Great progress is being made.

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RE: nice
by Clinton on Tue 7th Nov 2006 08:38 in reply to "nice"
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Here's what I think of the BeOS and Haiku intefaces:

They are certainly nice and clean, but...

I used to use BeOS back in the day and I thought it was great. It had some amazing capabilities. However, it was almost impossible to convince people of that because of the UI.

I tried to get some of my friends and family to use BeOS, but they wouldn't because to them the UI looked cheap and old (their words, not mine).

While I'm not a big fan of wasting CPU cycles and memory to make my virtual desktops turn into a cube or my windows wiggle like Jell-o, I think Haiku needs to give potential users an interface that showcases its abilities and makes people say, "Wow!" Right now it doesn't.

I think it was OS X's "Wow!" factor that made people take notice of Apple. Prior to that, most PC people wouldn't have given Apple a second thought (I know I never did).

Haiku needs something like that. Clean is nice, but nowadays, flash, gradients, and animations sell. Have the option to turn it off, of course, but it needs to be there to get people excited about Haiku, I think.

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