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Novell and Ximian Microsoft will pay Novell USD 348 million up front, but Novell will return USD 200 million of that amount over five years. The specific numbers came in an a filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission made by Novell late Tuesday. "The financial commitments Microsoft is making as part of this agreement are significant," company CEO Ron Hovsepian said in a statement. In related news, Microsoft has denied that its patent deal with Novell is in breach of the GPL or will automatically spread Microsoft's patent protection to other Linux distributions.
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me too
by deanlinkous on Wed 8th Nov 2006 17:53 UTC
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I think it is basically a way for MicroNov to create a linux that is, for all practical purposes proprietary.

I think that MS believe they can make novell the de facto standard commercial linux in five years using FUD, money, IP/patent threats. shared technology that other linux(s) will not be able Then in five years MS will really only have one linux company to destroy at that time.

Novell thinks that with MS help it can become the de facto standard linux in five years and then go head to head with MS.

Then again, maybe MS plans to get novell about halfway along then drop them like a used rubber and cause them to crash and burn again.

Or maybe Novell just plans on making some good money for five years, hurt or totally kill other commercial distros, then sellout to MS and close down making a load of cash on both parts.

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