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Mac OS X "Yesterday, I read what I consider to be a provoking piece at ZDNet. It pointed out that while there is no question that Macs are not the malware targets that Windows machines are, they're most certainly not immune to an attack of the right variety. It went on to backup its point with a real world scenario in which a University of New South Wales Mac server had been hit by malware. Disturbingly, the server had apparently been running the latest updates from Apple and still managed to get hit. It mentioned that, in the author's opinion, Apple was 'misleading people' into believing that their OS was more secure than it really is. Whether or not that is true is frankly immaterial to me. It should be noted that no OS is 100 percent bulletproof, and I believe this is what it was driving home at. Unfortunately, some people within the Mac community felt differently."
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I can understand it
by osterfrank on Thu 9th Nov 2006 18:20 UTC
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I think it's a common phenomenon: When some people form a very small minority, they often become defensive.
Another example: I'm Roman Catholic and come from a country where 95% of the population are Roman Catholic. When the pope or the vatican were criticized, I often agreed with the critics. I never felt personally attacked and I never thought I would have to defend my religion. After all, everyone was Catholic and therefore I could be sure that noone would consider me crazy for being Catholic.

Then I moved to another country where 95% of the population are protestants. Suddenly I began to defend the pope and felt the need to tell people that it's not crazy to be Roman Catholic.

While I'm no Mac user (interested in Macs, but I've never owned one) , I'm sure it's the exact same thing with Mac users.

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RE: I can understand it
by siraf72 on Thu 9th Nov 2006 23:02 in reply to "I can understand it"
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WOW, so true, as a mac owner, an xbox owner, a volvo owner, and a european/asian Muslim, what a simple but accurate analysis.

Well done. Scary that OS'es (and indeed gaming platforms) touch people on such a basic level. Still, I suspect its better to have flame wars about KDE and Gnome (and the like) rather than real wars about *isms (insert race, nation, capital, religion, etc).

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