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In the News For a while now, we've been trying to think of good ways to allow the readers of OSNews to find OS or tech-related jobs, or find new employees for their companies. We've partnered with CareerBuilder, for a start, so if you're looking for a job, (or want to fill one) check it out.. But what else could we do? Would you like to see a place where people can post OS-related tech jobs? Let us know in the comments of this story. On this subject, Openwave, maker of the popular mobile phone web browser, is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to work on the core of their next generation mobile browser: "Must have demonstrable, extensive, real-world experience, a deep understanding of C and a working knowledge of C++." Openwave's web browser engineering team has a long history demonstrating and testing with OSNews' mobile site (screenshot), so we thought we give them a hand by posting this.
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Opening at Sun Microsystems
by bcantrill on Fri 10th Nov 2006 07:01 UTC
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David, you don't have to ask twice! Here's an opening that I currently have. Interested parties should contact me directly at bmc at eng dot sun dot com. Details:

An opportunity to work with (among other technical talent) the three inventors of DTrace and two of the inventors of ZFS on an interesting, highly commercially relevant problem that has both wide scope and deep details. We're looking for someone else like us: a systems generalist who loves to cut code -- an engineer who is comfortable in every stage of the software design and implementation process. You should have complete knowledge of C, and we expect detailed knowledge of at least one higher level, dynamic language: Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. While interest or understanding of Solaris is not strictly required, you should understand at least one such system in sufficiently mind-numbing detail to leave those around you wondering about your hobbies and home life. You should have demonstrated ability to write both production-quality code and lucid prose; you will be expected to submit both code samples and writing samples. While implementation experience is essential (and experience writing kernel-level software is preferred), enthusiasm and interest can trump experience: we were all young talent once (some of us still are), and we are willing to take a chance on someone who wants to step up.

We're not looking for self-styled architects or muckity-muck wannabes or corporate political operators or software slobs; those who don't love the craft of software need not apply.

The job is in downtown San Francisco (and thus close to mass transit); you must be willing to relocate to the Bay Area and come to work five days a week. (Sorry, telecommuters.)

Perquisites: a world class team in an informal setting, providing much of the comraderie and excitement of a startup with the resources and security of a Fortune 500 company. So the usual big company trimmings apply (great health care, 401k, dental, employee stock purchase program, generous vacations, etc. etc.) -- but you'll still get the opportunity to hone your ping pong skills.

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RE: Opening at Sun Microsystems
by mweichert on Fri 10th Nov 2006 20:43 in reply to "Opening at Sun Microsystems"
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I think that would go over well.

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