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Mono Project Novell has announced the release of Mono version 1.2, a new version of the Mono project to create an implementation of the Microsoft .Net Framework for open source. Mono 1.2 enhances the open-source effort and is a major step toward compatibility with the .Net Framework 2.0, Novell officials said. Novell announced the new version on Nov. 9 at the Microsoft TechEd Developers conference in Barcelona.
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RE: One important point in Mono
by miguel on Fri 10th Nov 2006 08:17 UTC in reply to "One important point in Mono"
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Mono 1.2 does not claim to have a complete 2.0 implementation.

But you must not have tried very hard (or in the last 9 months), because master pages is one of the standard demos and standard samples of the XSP download.

Regarding your comment about "Windows style", the entire class library can be built with MonoDevelop (shocking, I know), and it is in fact, simpler than trying to build Mono on Windows.

Linux has always been the easiest platform to get Mono working. So am curious about what kind of problems you had, or even if you had one, or you have not yet mastered the use of "vi" or "emacs" to open a file (which is what I personally use).

Now, you might be referring to the fact that *Windows* developers do not care about MonoDevelop, and that is certainly true. Which is why we are working on having MonoDevelop open Visual Studio project in the future.

In the meantime, you can use "prj2make" to generate makefiles from visual studio solutions.

Now, I get the impression that you are a troll. Becaues there is an open source Java that you could use today, it is very complete, and Sun opening up Java will only make it more complete.

So I doubt that you are actually a Mono user, you seem to be a troll.

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I gues he was reffering to typical .Net apps, not the framework itself.

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And by the way, is there some document/blog outlining the performance advancements?

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Keep cool Miguel! ;) The masterpages feature is well implemented and I forgot to test it with xsp2 but the webparts feature is definitely not implemented. And under .NET webparts currently working only with IE. So I think, it will be not that easy to implement them in Mono because (currently) it is a MS/IE only feature as many other things under .NET (Windows.Forms).

The "Windows style" (code) statement were ascribed to the most .NET/Mono projects (not to Mono itself) that is nothing unusual because the most .NET devs usually working in a MS dominated environment.

I know about prj2make but as I said: It is *not easy* (not impossible) to open MS VS projects under monodevelop.

You doubt if I am (was?) a Mono user? is (was) my website running xsp.exe/MySQL on Ubuntu.

And I am not against Mono because I have choose Mono because of the superior .NET/Mono framework design. But the dark site of Mono is the MS dominated environment (as I mentioned: the most .NET/Mono based projects were developed in a MS environment).

Of course your are furious about my statement because Mono is "your" project and it is very difficult to stay impartial in such discussions.

Btw, a troll is not a person that criticizes something relying on facts.

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Facts? Please give us links to those "facts" (comparison of performance differences between Mono/C#/ASP.NET and Java(JSP/Servlet))

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No trolling intended. But...

Is this real 1.2 or release candidate?
Sources are flagged as 1.2 while spec for rpm says:
Source0: mono-1.2.tar.gz
Provides: mono = 1.2-rc0.novell

wasn't it said that 1.2 will ship with gmcs merged in mcs (or instead, as far as I got it gmcs was mcs with generics and other 2.0 features)?
Mono 1.2 ships with complete C# 1.0 and C# 2.0 compilers, called mcs and gmcs respectively

does mkbundle now eliminates need for mono installed aka. complete binary or this just works for libraries it depends on, I was testing it long ago, and couldn't do zilch without mono.

one more question regarding inotify? Just my little "conspiracy theory" curiosity:) (I might be even wrong here, if so please do correct me)
Is the implementation of FileSystemWatcher limited to single folder as inotify or does it enable watching subfolders. Later might be a problem when used improperly or without thinking over. limits of inotify are 4096 (or so) watched instances. Which could result in unpredictable problems if not extra specified. Example. Few global locks on very large (or even not so large) storage devices could simply present problem where the first would take all the locks and second would get errors. Just asking this as question, because if I'm right problems could arise with inotify implemented the MS way.

btw. Wonderfull I/O layer solution for crossplatform apps. One big problem is nailed (in ease of creating crossplatform apps) with that. And damn good job in speeding up Windows.Forms

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