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Oracle and SUN A British executive for Sun said on Friday that the release date for the company's StarOffice 8 suite would now be September 12, almost two months later than originally anticipated. The office productivity software sees wide use in the Linux community, and includes word processing and spreadsheet applications.
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bad news
by on Sun 14th Aug 2005 14:39 UTC

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this means star office 8 is only less that 1 month away to be released, which means it will be based on an openoffice 2 beta, which is not too stable right now.

IMO, they should delay it for christmas.

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RE: bad news
by on Sun 14th Aug 2005 15:31 in reply to "bad news"
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I am using the latest release 1.9.122 while OOo2 beta was based on 1.9.8x and SO8 Beta was based on 1.9.83 I think. The latest version has not crashed on me not even once and I use it extensively. My only gripe is that when adding additional Toolbars (View>Toolbars>Insert) they don't stick once the program is closed and when OOo is reopened I have to readd it again. That is a major nuisance for me.

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RE[2]: bad news
by g2devi on Sun 14th Aug 2005 19:32 in reply to "RE: bad news"
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If what you say about 1.9.122 is true and SO8 going to be released next month, does that mean OpenOffice 2.0 will be out next month too? I couldn't find anything about release dates on the website.

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RE[2]: bad news
by on Mon 15th Aug 2005 17:24 in reply to "RE: bad news"
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" The latest version has not crashed on me not even once and I use it extensively"

Neither here. I usually kill it after I get tired of waiting it to load....

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